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If you are unsure which engine size you have, you should check the code on your engine crankcase and consult the chart below:

Click here for engine chart:


Type 1
Code Year Engine/Notes
1- Pre-Jan., 1956 25hp/36hp
1- prefix indicates Type 1 and is not part of the sequential engine number.
2, 3, 4 1955-65 1200cc 30bhp DIN, 36HP SAE (“A” series engine)
5, 6, 7, 8, 9 1961-65 1200cc 34bhp DIN, 40HP SAE (“VW D” added below serial after 9247364)
D0, D1 1966-1985 1200cc 34bhp DIN, 40HP SAE For Mexican made 1200s after 1977.
E0 1966-1970 1300cc 37bhp DIN. Non-USA M240 low compression
F0, F1, F2 1966-1970 1300cc 40bhp DIN, 50HP SAE (only 1966 in USA, 66-70 elsewhere)
H0, H1 1967-1970 1500cc 44bhp DIN, 53HP SAE (only 1967 in USA, 67-70 elsewhere)
H5 1968-69 1500cc 44bhp DIN, 53HP SAE M157 USA/Canada.
B6 1970 1600cc Dual relief, single port, 47bhp DIN, 57HP SAE M157 USA/Canada.
L0 1967-1970 1500cc 40bhp DIN. Non-USA M240 low compression
NOTE: all the following 1971-up engines are dual relief and dual port.
AB 1971-73 1300cc 44bhp DIN, Non-USA.
AC 1971-72 1300cc 40bhp DIN, Non-USA M240 low octane
AE 1971 1600cc 50bhp DIN, 60HP SAE-gross. USA-only
AE 1972-73 1600cc 48bhp DIN, 48HP SAE-net. USA-only (compression ratio reduced)
AF 1971-1982? 1600cc 46bhp DIN, Non-USA M240 low octane.
AH 1973-74 1600cc 48bhp DIN, 46HP SAE-net. USA-only
AK 1973 1600cc 48bhp DIN, 46HP SAE-net. USA-only
AJ 1975-79 1600cc 50bhp DIN, 48HP SAE-net. Fuel Injected.
AR 1974-75 1300cc 44bhp DIN. Non-USA.
AS 1974-79 1600cc 50bhp DIN. Non-USA.
ACD 1992-2004 1600cc 46bhp DIN. Mexico. Fuel Injected.

IMPORTANT: Please check your engine code before ordering, many Beetles do not have their original engines, so using your car's production year or log book as a guide is not advisable.

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