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Products in this Volks Shop® Catalog which alter your engine performance are "Legal in California ONLY" for racing vehicles which may NEVER be used upon a highway" and may not comply with the requirements of other state/local laws regarding noise or emission levels. Removal of any structural material to facilitate the installation of any new item may need to be compensated for by the installation of additional braces and supports to maintain the manufacturers original collision design.Volks Shop® does not warranty the legality of its products, which do not comply with Local, State, or Federal Laws. We recommend that you check local regulations prior to ordering or installation.


WARNING: It is extremely important that brake lines be installed by a trained mechanic. Proper length of each line in relation to wheel travel and steeringangle is critical to avoid brake failure. Equally important is brake lines must be free flowing and have no contamination. Additionally, all calipers must be bledproperly, regardless of kit purchased. Do not attempt brake line or caliper installation without the experience to properly evaluate all of these issues.